Airflow, i.e. dental cleaning by sanding is normally used as an additional treatment after ultrasonic plaque removal, but it can also be used as a

Bone Grafting

The most common causes requiring bone grafting are: a regenerative surgical repair of periodontally affected teeth insertion of a dental implant in a place without


Botox treatment is one of the most popular and sought-after cosmetic procedures. A quick, safe and effective solution to reduce or eliminate wrinkles. A few

Digital Smile Design

Digital smile design is done applying a special medical software. The great advantage of this service is that the patient and the doctor can jointly


One of the most common reasons why our patients visit us is tooth filling. Unfortunately, tooth decay and its improper handling mean an increasingly common

Focal Research

In most cases, a nodule is an asymptomatic, infected lesion. In the event of an infection, germs or their toxic products flood out from the

Groove Closure

The purpose of groove closure is to close the hard-to-clean grooves on the chewing surface of molars and to make them inaccessible to bacteria and


Dental implant implantation is a dental intervention in which the oral surgeon implants an implant in place of the lost tooth. Today, implantology has become

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