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About Us

Please contact us with confidence with any dental questions you may have!

Our medical team is committed to pain-free treatments and the highest level of customer satisfaction. A bone replacement can also be carried out as painless as a dental filling, assisted by the fact that our special clinic is equipped by the most modern dental instruments.

We offer a comprehensive and professional service for our patients.

Whether you need a dental filling, radiograph, oral hygiene intervention, or a classical dental extraction – our trained doctors will help you in everything and do the interventions with the utmost care.

Our satisfied customers said:

The end result was better than I’d expected! Amazing work!

Eszter P. ,

I dare to smile and laugh again. I think that says it all! 🙂

Adrienn Sz. ,

Demanding environment, affordable prices, professional team. You don’t need any more!

Tamás K. ,

I have been going to the doctor for years, he always does impeccable work. I’m very satisfied with him, I’m sure I won’t change dentists.

István H. ,

Our Services


Airflow, i.e. dental cleaning by sanding is normally used as an additional treatment after ultrasonic plaque removal, but it can also be used as a

Bone Grafting

The most common causes requiring bone grafting are: a regenerative surgical repair of periodontally affected teeth insertion of a dental implant in a place without


Botox treatment is one of the most popular and sought-after cosmetic procedures. A quick, safe and effective solution to reduce or eliminate wrinkles. A few

Digital Smile Design

Digital smile design is done applying a special medical software. The great advantage of this service is that the patient and the doctor can jointly


One of the most common reasons why our patients visit us is tooth filling. Unfortunately, tooth decay and its improper handling mean an increasingly common

Focal Research

In most cases, a nodule is an asymptomatic, infected lesion. In the event of an infection, germs or their toxic products flood out from the

Groove Closure

The purpose of groove closure is to close the hard-to-clean grooves on the chewing surface of molars and to make them inaccessible to bacteria and


Dental implant implantation is a dental intervention in which the oral surgeon implants an implant in place of the lost tooth. Today, implantology has become

Kofferdam Filling

Helps completely isolate the tooth under treatment from the rest of the mouth. This is a small rubber mattress pad fitted to the mouth. When

LED-light Tooth Whitening

Teeth whitened by a LED light. Special peroxide-free gel is applied to the surface of your teeth, then activated by LED light. The process guarantees

Medicated underlining

The aim of the underlining is to provide a good basis for dental filling. In addition, it seals and blocks the dentine, if necessary. Very

Metal Ceramic Crown

The core of the metal ceramic crown is made up of a metal frame, where the natural porcelain veneer is applied as a layer. The

Panoramic X-ray

A panoramic X-ray shows the complete denture, including the lower and upper dentures, the lower and upper jawbones, the mandibular joint and the lower part

Periodontal Status

Periodontal disease or periodontitis (incorrectly: periodontosis) is now considered a widespread disease, affecting almost 40% of people. Periodontal disease (periodontitis) is a chronic inflammatory disease

Periodontological Curette

With an inadequate oral hygiene, the residue and the colony of bacteria colonizing the areas hard to clean will turn into plaques, leading to gum

Root Canal Treatment

The root canal treatment is intended to enable the remaining unharmed dental substance and the tooth root to be used by eliminating the infection developed,

Sinus Sealing

In sealing the sinus, tiny incisions are made to the gum in the place of the extracted tooth, forming a lobe by stretching it, then

Tooth Whitening at Home

Tooth whitening at home and preparing the bleaching rail requires an exactly fitting impression made of the teeth, leading to the preparation of a soft

Ultrasonic Plaque Removal

The ultrasonic plaque remover is a small, thin-pointed tool that reaches all surfaces of the tooth and can remove the plaque from the interdental areas.

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