The root canal treatment is intended to enable the remaining unharmed dental substance and the tooth root to be used by eliminating the infection developed, thereby restoring the function and esthetic of the tooth. Starting a root canal treatment is the first step, that means widening and cleansing of the root canal. After a root canal treatment, the root treated tooth loses its vascular formula that has been supplying it with blood, thereby, it may dry out and the root canal may crack easily, and later it may also break.

When the root canal is widened, it shall be filled, thereby reducing the risk of root breakage. Root canal treatment takes much time, for it is a very precise job that our dentists carry out with the greatest skill and attention. This could take up to 3-4 visits. Incisors have one root canal, however, molars may have as much as four, meaning that an area four times bigger shall be saved from bacteria.

These teeth can be accessed much harder, but it is all the more important to keep them, because without them, chewing becomes impossible, therefore, feeding may also become a problem. In the long term, this could also lead to additional health problems.