Frequently Asked Questions

In order to avoid long waiting times in our private practice, we can only see our patients at a pre-arranged time.
  1. The length of the treatment is approx. 60 minutes.
  2. The dental hygienist applies the teeth whitening agent to the teeth and then illuminates them with an LED lamp for 2 x 20 minutes.
  3. The active ingredient in the bleach is activated by the light.
  4. After the treatment, a so-called acting diet.
  5. Colorful foods, drinks, and smoking should be avoided (e.g. tomato foods, cola, coffee, dark fruits, red wine).
  1. Yes, anesthesia is available in our clinic.
  2. In all cases, an anesthesiologist supervises the treatment.
  3. The condition for anesthesia is a prior consultation, as well as laboratory and other tests.
  4. Anesthesia is an additional service.

Making a crown is usually a 3-4 step process.

  1. Consultation;
  2. grinding,
  3. impression taking;
  4. dental exam;
  5. gluing.

If everything goes well, the replacement will be ready in 1-2 weeks.

Yes, in any case. If the replacement was made by us, we will glue it back under warranty. In the case of a crown made elsewhere, a minimum re-gluing cost must be calculated, which you can find under the prices tab.

With cash or bank card. We can issue a health fund invoice.

Our clinic is very easily accessible by tram 4-6. You have to get off at the Boráros tér stop, and it’s a one-minute walk from there.
Parking is available in the surrounding streets. Parking is paid.
Filling or filling replacement takes a maximum of 30 minutes, including anesthesia.

Airflow is a cleaning treatment in which a salt polish-like substance is blown over the teeth, thereby removing dirt.
Clearer teeth can also appear a little whiter, so many people think that this is a teeth whitening treatment, but this is not the case.

Plaque removal is done with an ultrasonic device, which “vibrates” the plaque.
It is worth removing plaque every six months, as its presence can also lead to gingivitis.
We definitely recommend it before teeth whitening in order to achieve the perfect effect.

Before the implant is implanted, it is essential to consult with our doctor, who assesses the condition of the teeth, takes a panoramic X-ray and a CT scan to determine whether there is enough bone for the implant or whether a bone replacement will be required.